Amazon Affiliate Link Generator

Are you new to the Amazon Affiliate program? Do you want to add affiliate links to your website to earn a commission?

In my post, I show you how to use the Amazon affiliate link generator to create links with your unique code to earn a commission.

Amazon makes it simple for affiliates to create and add links to their blog content.

Let’s get started.

The Amazon Affiliate Link Generator

The Amazon affiliate link generator is called the SiteStripe. The SiteStripe is available to Amazon affiliate members and is displayed when visiting Amazon.

How To Use The Amazon SiteStripe To Generate Affiliate Links

Step One – Sign In To Amazon Affiliate Account

To access the SiteStripe, sign in to your affiliate account.

Sign in

Go To affiliate-program.amazon.com/ and enter your details.

Sign in

Step Two – Visit Amazon To Select A Product

Visit Amazon.com to select a product you want to promote on your website.

Amazon Product

Step Three – Generate Affiliate Link From The SiteStripe

The Amazon SiteStripe appears at the top of your screen.

The SiteStripe is Amazon’s link generator. You can generate a text link, image link, or text with an image link.

Click on ‘Text’ to generate code with your affiliate code.

Copy the highlighted code and embed it into your content.

Visit my ‘How To Create Amazon Affiliate Links‘ to learn more about adding links to WordPress.

Click on ‘Image’ to generate an image link with your affiliate code.

Image link

Choose your preferred image size, and then copy the highlighted text. Paste the text into a customer HTML block on WordPress.

Visit my ‘How To Use Amazon Product Images On Your Affiliate Website‘ to learn about using images.

Click on ‘Text+Image’ to generate code to place on your WordPress website.

Text and image


Amazon makes it easy for Amazon associates to generate affiliate links for their blog posts.

Sign in to your affiliate account before searching for products to promote on Amazon. When signed in, you have access to the Amazon affiliate link generator.

The Amazon affiliate link generator is called the SiteStripe. As you browse on Amazon, the SiteStripe is visible at the top of the page.

After selecting a product, click on the generator links on the SiteStripe. You can have a text link, image link, or text with an image link.

There is no delay with affiliate links. Once your post is published, the link is active.

Go to your Amazon affiliate dashboard to monitor clicks and sales.

Visit my ‘What Is The Amazon Associate SiteStripe?’ post to learn about Amazon’s affiliate link generator.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please ask them below. I enjoy helping my visitors.

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