Why Was My Amazon Affiliate Account Closed?

In my post, I share with you the common reasons why Amazon affiliates get their account closed.

Amazon is highly protective of its brand. Its operating agreement is strict and has many rules that affiliates may violate without realizing.

Let’s begin.

Why Was Your Amazon Affiliate Account Closed?

#1 – Did Not Make Three Qualified Sales In 180-Days

The most common reason for an Amazon Affiliate getting their account closed is not making three qualified sales in 180-days after becoming an affiliate.

Amazon states that new affiliates must generate at least three qualified sales in 180-days to get accepted into the program.

If your website is new and you aren’t getting much traffic to the site. It is hard to get the three sales.

After 90-days, Amazon sends you an email to remind you that you need to get three sales to get accepted.

I recommend delaying applying to the Amazon affiliate program until you get regular traffic to your website.

You can reapply if you receive the email to notify your account is closed due to not achieving the three sales.

Once you reapply, you get a new affiliate ID. You have to update your affiliate links on your website.

#2 – Cloaking Amazon Affiliate Links

Amazon has an affiliate link generator. You can not change these links.

Copy the generated link and put it into your content without alteration.

Other affiliate programs don’t have this rule. It is possible to use a plugin to change affiliate links to make them shorter and more attractive.

#3 – Incentivizing Visitors To Click

Amazon doesn’t allow you to incentivize visitors to click on your affiliate links.

Amazon wants your visitor to click on your link because they want to. Not because they get rewarded.

A YouTuber once explained he had his account closed because he asked his viewers to help his channel by clicking on his Amazon affiliate links.

He should have declared they were affiliate links and not said anything about helping his channel.

#4 – Adding Affiliate Links To Emails, PDF Downloads, And E-books

You can put affiliate links in your blog content but not add them to emails, PDF downloads, or e-books.

If you have subscribers to your website, promote a link to a blog post that includes your affiliate link.

#5 – Show Prices On Your Website

Prices change on Amazon. So Amazon doesn’t allow you to show prices on your website.

Showing an incorrect price could lead to a poor customer experience and hurt the Amazon brand.

An alternative to showing prices is to display the $ sign. One $ sign indicates the item is cheap. Three $ signs show that it is expensive.

#6 – Creating Multiple Affiliate Accounts

You can have only one Amazon affiliate account.

Should you have more than one website, you can add them to your account and create new tracking IDs.

#7 – Creating A New Account After Getting Banned

Should you get banned from the Amazon affiliate program, you can not reapply.

If you open an account with a new email address and Amazon finds evidence the account is associated with a banned account. It will get closed.

#8 – Altering The Amazon Logo

Amazon is highly protective of its brand. Any attempt to alter its logo will result in your account getting banned.

#9 – Not Disclosing Your Affiliation With Amazon

As an affiliate, you must declare that you promote products on Amazon for a commission.

Your disclosure must be easy to find and before your affiliate links.

A good practice is to state that your post contains affiliate links before your main content.

Visit my ‘Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Examples‘ post to learn more.

#10 – Downloading Product Images

Images on the internet are copyrighted. Downloading product images directly from Amazon for your blog post will get you banned.

Amazon affiliates can use the Amazon SiteStripe to get product images for their websites.

Visit my ‘What Is The Amazon SiteStripe?‘ post to learn more.

You can not use screenshots of products or Amazon reviews on your website.

#11 – Don’t Copy The Amazon Website

You can not copy Amazon’s website.

Your site must have original content and offer value to your visitors.

#12 – Using Your Affiliate Links

You can not use your affiliate links to buy something on Amazon. This rule also applies to family, friends, and acquaintances.

It is tempting to ask friends and family to use your link to buy something on Amazon when you haven’t made three sales within 180-days.

If Amazon suspects you have asked someone you know to buy something, Amazon will close your account.

I don’t know how Amazon knows, but they do.

Amazon Affiliate Account Closure Appeal Process

Amazon doesn’t give warnings. It just closes your account. If you have unpaid funds in your account, you lose them.

A YouTuber explained he did not withdraw money from his account for a few months. He had about $2,500 when he got banned. He lost the money.

You are informed by email that you violate Amazon’s operating agreement and that your account is closed. A link to appeal the decision is in the email.

You must make your appeal within five business days of your account closure.

Amazon’s operating agreement violations have two categories. Those that are not a customer risk and those that are.

For violations not considered a customer risk, make the requested changes, and appeal the closure using the link.

You must give evidence to prove the facts are wrong for violations considered a customer risk. If you can’t, your account is closed permanently.


It is essential to familiarize yourself with Amazon’s operating agreement.

I listed some of the common issues that result in account closure.

Visit my ‘How To Not Get Banned From The Amazon Affiliate Program‘ to learn more about how to stay within the rules.

Amazon doesn’t issue warnings to affiliates. They close your account. Ensure you withdraw money from your affiliate account every month.

Amazon informs you by email that your account is closed. You can appeal the decision using the link in the email. You must start your appeal within five business days of your account closure.

I hope you found my article informative. If you have questions, please leave them below. I enjoy reading your comments.

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